How it all started

Did you ever wonder what your parents went through to pack that perfect lunch box for you? Let’s check the early morning activity of two millennial families.

Scene 1– There goes the 6 am alarm ! Parent A who is in charge of packing lunch box for the kids wakes up with a bad cold and headache . Parent B struggles between getting the kids ready and cooking which results in some badly burnt food. The school bus is due any minute now. The child is screaming. Blame game ensues. The child is even more frustrated. But Parent B has a solution – idli from the nearby darshini. As there is no home food delivery service at that hour , Parent B had to go get it .This is the 3rd time that week the child has had darshini Idli. He is bored with it. Parents are wracked with guilt. They all hope the next day will be better.

Scene 2– Child requests falafel and hummus for lunch because his friend had that in his lunch box the previous day. Time of request – 6:10 AM. Parent is furiously searching online for the recipe only to realise the chickpeas need to be soaked overnight. Unfortunately for the child his lunch box had pot biriyani that day.The child is disappointed. Parents are unhappy because the child is unhappy. Most parents will surely identify with the above scenarios. Isn’t this a common scene in most of the millennial households?

We at sCoolMeal decided to find an easy solution for this common everyday problem. We at sCoolMeal took the problem :

  1. Lunch box for children
  2. Vibrant lunch menu ideas
  3. Delicious food delivered on time.
  4. Parents concern for nutrition for children

And came up with a solution:

  1. sCoolMeal came up with nutrition defined lunch menu ideas to change up the dishes so that children are excited about their lunch box.
  2. To provide fun, wholesome and nutritious vegetarian lunches to school children aged between 2 and 17 years.
  3. We take care of the whole process – cooking, packing and delivering the kids meals straight to the children’s classrooms or to their home.
  4. Easy way to subscribe for children’s meal plans – go to → login → subscribe
    Mission accomplished : Hassle free mornings.Quality time with kids. Harmony at home.

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