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Water is Life.


Clean drinking water is a fundamental human right.edited water

We rely on water for most of our day to day activities – washing, cleaning, cooking and of course drinking.

But we seldom think of the quality of water we use in our cooking or even while washing our face, brushing our teeth etc. Water borne diseases can be deadly and we ought to pay attention to the quality of our water. The list of water borne diseases common in India are Acute Diarrhoeal Diseases, Enteric Fever (Typhoid), Viral Hepatitis (All Causes) & Cholera.

Monsoon brings respite from the sweltering summer, we may even dance in the rain, but it brings its own set of owes to a city which is heavily congested and with an already crumbling urban infrastructure and drainage system. Water logging and damaged water & drainage pipes can lead to water pollution.

So, how do you keep your water clean?

Make sure the water tanks for your house/apartment building are cleaned often.

Invest in a good water filter.

Use filtered water to drink, wash vegetables, to cook etc.

Check the water quality in a lab if you find any change in colour, odour or taste.

Replace old, rusted water pipes with new ones.

Once again, clean potable drinking water is our fundamental right. Know the source of water supplied to your household. Be aware.

At sCoolMeal , we truly believe that using potable water is extremely important .We take the water hygiene and regular testing of water  very seriously. We test our water at a reputed laboratory.

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