Nutrition Tips by Dr. Deepa Prakash

Child not getting enough sleep?

Simple tips and tricks to help your child sleep better

“ Why can’t she look forward to bedtime as much as I do ? “

Many of us have been in this situation with our little ones.

Getting a good night sleep is important for your child to be ready for a new day of fun and learning.

Experts say school going children need around 8+ hours of sleep which promotes a sense of  well-being and overall good health. Healthy sleep habits should be reinforced in early childhood by improving food habits and keeping a strict schedule.

sCooLMeal recommends “sleepy foods” to be given to children an hour before bedtime. Food like banana, warm milk and honey, walnuts, almonds, toor dhal soup, a small serving of potato can help induce your child’s brain to drive itself to a good night’s rest. A single meal can affect our brain chemistry, avoid giving your child excessive fluids and food loaded with sugar at night. A good night program starting an hour before bed time to eat a beddie-bye snack, brush teeth, wear PJs and snuggle into bed brings deep, refreshing sleep to your child, to wake up fresh for a whole new day of happiness in the morning.

We need an amino acid called Tryptophan in our diet. Tryptophan triggers a good nights sleep. It plentiful in banana , milk, yogurt , almonds , walnuts etc.

Now go ahead , give him/her a banana !

Mommies and daddies need some time to even read our blog.

sCoolMeal brings to you a regular dose of nutri-information powered by the sCoolMeal labs.

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